Mediumship is not dreamy or strange.

Mediumship, is crystal clear if it is practiced properly.




First upcoming workshop.

January 7 be guided.




Do you spiritualize yourself?

Or i could ask do you live from the core of your being? In the mediumship groups there is a lot of space for developing yourself.
You don’t create a medium, a medium was already there. Often when there is an interest there is also a beautiful quality!
I can only help you in the process of letting nature, your true nature, emerge and evolve. You do that by sitting in the silence, dare to look at yourself, seeing where your part lies in everything in you. That is possible because the groups are not that large. And I am an expert in teaching natural mediumship.
Their is a lot of room for philosophy and technics, but without it getting a trick!
Natural unfoldment and then the medium will be totally and truly be there, completely in its own power and with power.


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it doesn’t matter where you are in your development and what subject you want to study. We can talk about what you want!

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