Hey, Hello!
I’m Rosita

I am a tutor of mediumship for over 15 years now.
Mediumship is not only my passion but it is my blood.
To make the invisible understandable that’s my mission
It doesnt feel like a carriere it feels way more as a calling.

I practice mediumship in demonstartions of mediumship, private sessions and lessons online. Mediumship is a talent from the soul so it most be apraoched in that way.
That is way i’m a pioneeer for natural mediumship

And if you develop in a relaxed way the medium is at is best.
There is no such thing as a 7 steps to mediumship There is structure and you can set a standard. But natural mediumship and being in the service of the spiritual world are the most be the important components in al mediumship




My Mission

Making miediumship clear and understandeble so ther is no such thing as clear-so-and-so .”

It’s a calling


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