Trance & Physical

Trance and physical mediumship are often mentioned in one sentence. But it is different, and still the one can not without they other. Trance is a part of mental mediumship and physically is a different talent a, different form of mediumship. You can not develop it is there or it’s not You need the trancestates for Physical mediumship but not the other way around. Physical mediumship is literally making spirit visible, our hearable and trance is mainly to share the philosophy and wisdom of the spiritual world.












My Story




7 years ago I started siting for trance by a coincidence. Soon my face started to change, and the spiritual world started to talked through me and shared a lot of philosophy. As a circle we have 7 full binders of philosophy and tips from the spiritual world. Wisdom that sometimes is so profound. I have also received beautiful guidance on how to teach trance mediumship. And i love that very much.





I am sitting weekly in my home circle to develop physical mediumship and its really going somewhere.
Now I only demonstrate trance during 1 to 1 sessions, healing sessions or on special occasions like the soul ~ nights.

If you want to experience this, mail for the possibilities.




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