About Me

My name is Rosita Belkadi.

I am 47 years old and have been working as a medium for over 15 years and also teach in this beautiful work field.
Mediumship is not only my passion but it is in my blood.
Making the invisible spirit world fully understandable is one of my missions.
It doesn’t feel like a career, but it’s a like a calling.


i would love to meet you






My mission

Making mediumship clear and understandable is my mission.

My Story


I always was intrested in the soirtual and was always reading many spiritual books.
Then there was the accident that changed my life completely Off course i was trying to find help in this for me difficult time But it didn’t took long time before my path and mediumship crossed each other I learned the rubbusiness of mediumship and i learned the beauty And learned a lot of insights and many ins and outs on the spiritual level.

then there was the modern mediumship, everything fell into place, the simple view of bring evidence, the facts, the belief and the science behind spiritualism.


Now that I have been working in mediumship for over 15 years, I only know how little we actually know.
How we always keep learning and developing. And we only fully peel the so-called onion when we go to the spiritual world ourselves. My love for mediumship and making it understandable is so great that I dare say it is in my blood.
i hope to meet you soon online or offline

How I work

Everything I do and teach is inspirited and guided by the wishes of the spirit world. They know what is needed.
In fact, everything I do for you on your behalf 
When I teach, being natural and being yourself is one 
off the most important things I am a pioneer 
off natural mediumship 
And therefore i believe that the most beautiful and greatest proofs come from surrendering and feeling relaxed. 
there is no 7 steps to mediumship 
There is structure and you can set a standard. 
But it must be natural and in service of the spirit world
they are always the most important


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