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Hey hallo, Rosita hier.

Spiritueel mediumschap docent en mediumschap kenner.

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Tell me why!
I hope I’m going to get an answer.
But probably not one that answers it. But I want to trow it out anyway.
Why o why people are fraudulent in mediumship?
And especially in physical and trance mediumship.
If it’s trickery you want to do. You can! Go make a Houdini style show!
Why do people hurt people who are in grief?
If it so that you are weak at the moment or your mediumship is a bit weak. Please take a step back.
But don’t get in the fraudulent trap of maybe mixed mediumship.
Why are people so afraid to loose the so called status.
That is already a false name, status. Because in mediumship there is no status of you the medium.
It’s all about the spirit and the recipient. But why?
Make a stupid voice, look up things on the internet of people, use some of your mediumistic ability.
And hoppa a trance demonstration.
Sitting in a cabinet making fake ectoplasm.
Using things and yourself to move stuff around?
Why do you want to give the impression that spirit write letters or messages to you.
If there is not one bit of evidence that that is the case?
No good solid experiment.
No testing and testing with people so you know it’s geniuses.
Just saying that that is the case!
Why fool people? I understand it must be to do with low believe in self.
Maybe a lot of being on they edge of crazy? It’s it pressure that you put on yourself?
Or is it just attention? Well please go play in theatres then!
If you are reading this and you are a bit fraudulent.
And do a bit in mixed mediumship. Please stop. You can choose to go back in the home circle and develop until it is something you can show to the public. Or stop!
Your hurting innocent people you know. People who are in grieve!

Rosita x

English is not my first language sorry for the maybe strange choice of words

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