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We all want magic. We all want to believe that there is a greater light then ours. That we are connected.  That we are all the same.
But do we really, do we really are capable enough to give up our logical mind and just believe. 
Just believe in something we cannot see and sometimes even cannot feel. 
The Muslims they say it’s by gods will, ins Allah, the christen are saying it’s in the hand of god. 
The Catholics believe that they are let not only by god but also listen and talk to mother Mary.
But do we truly believe it is in god’s hands? Can we truly surrender in that way? 
Without judging?
Without thinking that if you believe in another religion it is in god’s hands? And that its ok?
Can we truly believe that we are a part of the whole? 
Can we?
If we believe in a book, in a bible we follow written words. If we go to church and listen to the priest, imam, or whomever stands in front of you. 
You listen to those words.  If we look at the writings of the so-called great books they all say.  Follow me. And the me in this is God.  But do we truly follow God if we listen to others? 
Or look at the writings? 
And follow the so-called rules. Even in spiritualism we have guide lines to live by.
But again, do we really follow god then? 
Do we follow the great unseen if we life by rules from ages ago?
Even follow words that are spoken trough others. 
We always keep listening to what others think they read, or think they know and how to interpret those writings.
But what if we, us the “normal ones”, start listing to the great unseen? 
What would happen if we truly listen to the voice in our heart?
We need to take responsibility then, yes that’s true.
And cannot blame the priest, the imam or even Jesus, Mary or god.
If we start listen to the voice of our heart magic will happen, if we believe that we truly are all one. 
The little and the big. 
That we are all a spark of the divine. I even dare to say we are the divine. 
We are all the divine we are all God. 
Than the only magical thing we need to do is to trust ourselves.
And if we trust we are more in the love, in the power, in the now then ever before. 
Because if we trust that we are the great unseen to. 
There is no need for hate, no need for anger, no need for jalousie. 
Because its al good, it will all be love, we don’t need to know what’s wrong and what is right because if we life by the voice of god in our heart we will know.
Because then we are love. 
But can we?
Is it the meaning of life to be love alone? Is it maybe that in this experience we are human. 
And we are a bit blind for the great light that is in all of us. Maybe we know deep down but can we truly life by this voice of love? 

I think that is not the case maybe in this experience is to discover something else in our souls.
If we are in the spirit world, the heavens, the paradise, or what you want to call it we are love, we are pure love.
And here we are a bit more then only love.
If this is the case we only need to try a bit harder to know that we are equal and know that we are one. 
We are divine. 
Let’s all know, even if we cannot truly feel that.
Let the true magic be that we know we are love in the end.  

Rosita x

English is not my fist language and I am a word artist its, called dyslectic.
Now you know.

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